Dot-matrix Printers Excellence category

Hello buddy printer series along a row of technologi isi ulang cartridge technological age more rapidly by it due to this occasion I can briefly describe the types of printers and their functions.

1.Printer type Dotmatrix

Formula dot-matrix printer works with early character formation system a number of dot-dot dot matrix printer has the elements that comprise needles which address pressing ribbon so as to forge create this kertas.Printer most needed to forge Continues Form, receipts, associations and existing documents others such stopmap prints, envelopes etc.

– Excellence dot-matrix printer category are:
* Can print copies at once.
* Can print paper dose wide mouth.
* The cost of the printer and ink cost
-Kekurangan Type dot-matrix printers are:
* Dpi and low ppm
* Motion is very slow
* His voice rowdy time work
* Can only print in black

2. The type of thermal printer.

thermal printer working mengisi tinta printer methods utilizing thermal wells to print on paper, the other ink cartridges that naturally required by lainnya.Tehnik type printer in use this printer is preparing hot on each pin of the print head that will make up the wax and to attach to the paper that Husus working principle it’s similar shared printer dot matrix printer only thermal printer employs heat to pin nya.Printer this type of average used to forge a deposit receipt that regular use in the room shopping.

– Kindness thermal printer types are:
* His form is relatively small
* Concurrent close print
* Prices are relatively expensive
* Not noisy
– Shortage of thermal printer types are:
* Must use special paper
* Can not form a large sheet of paper

3. Printer Buble type jet

Bubble jet printers work print a letter with the cartridge refill formula for entering bully bully aqueous ink dots to the reading room / drawing Bubble Jet are trademarks of Canon. This printer has a print dexterity menggabai 22 ppm (peper per minute) for monochrome and 14 ppm in shades print capability has reached 4.800X1.200 dpi (dots per inch) which is the image quality that is printed on paper and measure reach A3 + paper .. this type of printer is equipped with a card reader. now more readily available portable printer which can be the original photograph is required as well as a slide show.
Buble superiority jet Printer Type:
* Balanced respond and very gentle tone.
* Could be used quickly by the camera without an intermediary computer
Disadvantages Buble jet printer category:
* Cartridge expensive
* Creation of stagnant water if attacked

4.Printer category Inkjet

Pinter this type can print a paper size that very, very big with good quality by using ink. Resolution inkjet printer is capable of when menggerapai 5760 × 1440 dpi. Ink jet printer type to use technology dor on demand, is to trick the clouded leopard small squirt ink to the paper through a nozzle or a small hole in the pipe sizzler.
Ink jet printers excellence type:
* Easier on the charging Ink
* A good picture quality
* Can forge together a large size
* The cost is relatively cheaper
Ink jet printers ulcer type:
* Can not form double
* Sparepart relatively more expensive

5.Printer type Laser Jet

Printer type is the way it works is a formula that works almost the same shared printer photocopiers, photographic drum is utilizing the difference for a copy machine for cylindrical reflection focused laser printer that flows though the shadow created by dots per node by a semiconductor laser. The resulting print quality in addition to fast and extremely pungent and budget saving ink. The laser printer is very well suited to those frequencies utilized to print on many suitable numbers to businesses Copy and Printing. However, do not cheat added to the office and home user.

Advantages of Laser Jet printe:
* Technique print faster
* Save ink
* Printer is relatively simple dose
Pinter Kekukrangan category Laser Jet
* Price is relatively more expensive printers
* Charging ink tinta printer

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