Printer single Function

Epson printer which is one of the single best type refill toner of printer brands this dikala in addition to providing an infusion system that helps consumers to fill it tinta.Selain epson printer longer has formed a product quality that I would give a quick bagus.Disini tasamuh the latest Epson printer mercenary who uses the infusion system ,

Epson 1.Printer single Function
Husus only a single printer properties to forge a letter was foto.Printer is not equipped with a scanner and copier.
1.Printer Epson L120
* Size relatively simple
* Print more simultaneously reach 8.5 ipm
* Bottle relatively high ink
* Ralatif’s fee ranges from 1,650,000 Rupiah fracture
2. Printer Epson L310
* Relatively high dose refill tinta cartridge
* Stunt forge reach 33 ppm (9.2ipm)
* Print resolution 5740 x 1440 dpi menggabai
* Fee ranging cracks Rp.1.875.000
3. Printer Epson L1300
* Size tube high tintarelatif
* Stunt forge menggabai 15 ipm
* Print resolution 5740 x 1440 dpi menggabai
* Price ranges slit Rupiah 6,200,000

2 Epson Multi kurnia
The multifunction printer is equipped with media scanner, copier still Fax.
1.Printer Epson L455

* Relatively high dose cartridge
* Equipped with WI-FI
* Stunt forge to 33ppm
* They are equipped with LCD and card slot
* Prices ranging from cracks Rp.3.700.000

2.Printer Epson L565

* Relatively high dose cartridge
* Equipped with WI-FI serbuk toner
* Speed ​​forging up to 33ppm (9.2 ipm)
* Equipped with fax and ADF
* Fee ranges fracture Rp.3.900.000

3.Printer Epson L220
* The size of the cartridge is relatively high
* Speed ​​shaping up to 27ppm (7ipm)
* The image resolution menggerapai 5760 dpi x 1440 dpi
* Fee ranges cracks 2,250,000 rupiah

4.Printer Epson L360

* Relatively high dose cartridge
* Stunt shaping up to 33ppm (9.2 ipm)
* The image resolution menggabai 5760 dpi x 1440 dpi
* Fares ranging fractures Rp.2.350.000
5.Printer Epson L365

* Relatively high dose cartridge
* Equipped with WI-FI
* Dexterity print up to 33ppm
* Resolution sketch reach 5760 dpi x 1440 dpi
* Fares ranging distance Rp.2.750.000

3.Printer Epson Monochrome one function

Epson Printer Monochrome bully Created effectiveness of the ability to form very soon recurring exceptional print quality and stage regular efficiency passable high.However who share a single printer Epson Monochrome kurnia not equipped with jual toner scanner, copier, and fax.

1.Printer Epson M100
* Tube relatively higher pigment
* 34ppm print speed
* Ink Epson ori
* Connectivity Network
* Fee ranges sidelines Rp.2.000.000

4.Printer Epson Monochrome Multi Function

Epson printers Monochrome multifunction Created withering ability to print directly added exceptional print quality natural and elbow tinggi.Printer stage efficiency of this type is equipped with scanner.copy machines, and fax.

1.Printer Epson M200

* Tube relatively higher pigment
* Stunt print 34ppm
* Epson original inks
* Connectivity Network
* Equipped with ADF and LC
* Fee ranging fractures Rp.2.500.000

Thus portrait short list along with tariff reviews sisterm Epson inkjet printer 2016.Harga april season could turn tersila where you buy epson printer contained

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